1. Bring a pair of easy-walking shoes such as slippers for easy walking purpose. Change to sexy high heels or other interesting shoes for the formal shoot. If you are wearing a long dress and you are taller than your partner, then there is no need to change shoes unless being asked by the photographer for certain photos.

2. For engagement session, bring 2-3 sets of wardrobes for 2-hour photo shoot. One set is recommended to be fashionable dress paired with sexy high heels. The other set could be on the causal side. Jeans with high heels work great. For bridal portrait session or pre-wedding session, because the girl is wearing the beautiful wedding dress, only 1-2 sets of wardrobes are needed. We will use the wedding dress most of the time.

3. Prepare some props to spice things up. Some popular props include signs, balloons, bouquets, veils, unbrellas, bikes, bubble guns, sparklers, or even dogs
4. Choose locations that are close to each other and avoid heavy traffic. Traffic during rush hour is usually bad on the weekdays.

5. Drink a proper amount of water. Do not overeat. Eat light and get enough protein.

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